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Name: Jason Blood (and Etrigan)

Aliases: Iason Blaise, many other names over the centuries

Age and/or birthday: He does not remember his birthday, but as his writer I do. March 23, 546 AD. Jason looks around his late thirties or early forties. Etrigan is 2000 years old.

Fandom/Media/OC?: DC Comics, the multiple series of The Demon, as well as numerous guest appearances of Jason and Etrigan in other titles

Programmed Possession: Etrigan. LOL.

Arrival date: 28 May, 2012

I am...: Immortal wizard-slash-knight with the worst tapeworm ever. And Angst.


Describe your character physically. Jason is a reasonably tall, reasonably well-built man (six foot even, around 200 pounds). He is more or less a scholar these days but he has often made his living by wearing armor and swinging a sword, and that physicality has never quite left him-- these are hands that know how to throw a punch or grip a blade as well as make little squiggly wizard gestures.

He is red-haired (save for that silly white streak), blue-eyed (save for when Etrigan is being a brat), and has the fair skin of natural redheads. He walks around with a lot of bottled-up tension and rarely relaxes around other people. He moves with purpose. He often has superficial cuts or nicks on his person, especially hands and forearms. EMO GOTH CUTTER i mean


Etrigan is represented in the comics at many different sizes; I intrepret this as being that Etrigan (being a demon, with no innate physical form) actually can change size, and does so, based on how 'strong' he is in relation to Jason at the moment. Currently, he's actually a bit on the small side-- he stands about 5'8", if you could get him to stand up straight, but he's more often hunching, crawling, creeping.

It's an incredibly solid 5'8", though. Etrigan is solid muscle, inhumanly compact and lithe, dense as a neutron star. He weighs somewhere upward of three hundred pounds.

Etrigan's skin is a burnt yellow; his eyes a dull red that blazes to orange-white when riled up. His features seem vaguely animal-like, borrowing from bat and boar and goat perhaps, but ultimately being his own unique little smorgasbord of What Is That. He moves like a grotesque capering monkey.

Being near him makes one feel like one is near a furnace; the sense of oppressive heat radiating off of him, a stink like overheated metal. Those with overactive imaginations may think they can even hear the grind of individual muscles against each other, in a quiet moment. But for all his heavy, iron presence, Etrigan can move with a lightning speed and unnatural grace when it pleases him to do so.

What does your character wear? Jason dresses conservatively and is often a few years behind the styles. He still hasn't broken himself of the occasional turtleneck, poor thing. He's most often found in trousers, a suit jacket or blazer, and a sweater or dress shirt. There's a 50/50 chance on any given day that he's dressed up enough to include waistcoat and tie. He favors browns, blacks, grays, and blue. He's not a very imaginative dresser (Etrigan says he's not a very imaginative anything).


If Jason's reserved and dull, Etrigan's garish. A hooded cloak of indigo, a red tunic belted at the waist, red boots, spiked gauntlets, and a cuff for the cloak featuring a seven-sided star. His cloak is tattered and ragged.

That covers what they look like. What do they sound like? Jason sounds like an educated Englishman, albeit one who's lived decades abroad-- the Britishness of his accent has gotten rubbed off and abraded around the edges, mixed in with other influences. He's spent a lot of time in America, so that's there. His delivery is clipped and brusque.

Jason has a verbal tic which may become clearer the more you talk to him; his attention doesn't always seem quite with you, he takes a second or two too long to respond in conversation. A bit like someone listening to dialogue on a Bluetooth.


Etrigan's voice does not sound human, full stop. It's a low, bestial, guttural growl. Oh, and he speaks in rhyme.

Running down the list of the five senses.... smell? Jason smells... masculine, soap and aftershave. For the super-keen of sniffer, there may be hints of blood and sulfur.

Etrigan smells strongly of overheated metal, cooked blood, brimstone and sulfur, and ozone.

Touch & Taste. Uh, okay there. Jason's skin is always a bit warm, as if he were running a fever. Etrigan is hotter-- his skin is inhumanly warm, pulsing with blood that runs at 120 degrees F. Etrigan's skin is quite rough, like granite. Jason's blood would taste like all the jabanero peppers in the world to a vampire; Etrigan's blood would be much worse. Etrigan's blood is somewhat caustic.

The fine, fine details: Should someone manage to get a specimen of Jason's blood, the blood cells actually have pentagrams on them. Should someone manage to get a specimen of Etrigan's blood, it's probably corroding your slide. While not usually visible due to clothes, Jason has a number of magical tattoos.

PB differences? Nothing in particular. Jason's hair is probably not quite as ridiculous as it usually looks in the icons. But pretty close.

BENEATH LE SURFACE An extremely truncated version follows... A long long time ago, there was a castle called Camelot, a king called Arthur, and a wizard called Merlin. That much is folklore; some stories even tell of Merlin's heritage-- child of the nun and a devil, raised by the British wizard Blaise who steered him towards the light.

Less mentioned is Blaise's biological son, a boy named Iason. With no talent for his father and foster-brother's magic, Iason served Arthur as a knight. Less mentioned also is Etrigan, Merlin's half-brother, a full-blooded demon of great malice, but bound by his brother's magic. Merlin summoned Etrigan to earth, where the demon was but one of many mystical safeguards for Camelot.

But Arthur died and Camelot fell, and Merlin the chessmaster had an inconvenient piece he needed to box... and Iason, who begged a chance to atone for the treasonous part he had played in Camelot's fall. As Merlin saw it, two problems, one solution.

He bound the demon inside the body of the man, but Iason had no idea what he was volunteering for. The fusing of their souls drove Iason quite mad, and under Etrigan's influence he slaughtered numerous innocents-- including his own wife, children, and father. The countryfolk whispered fearfully of the gore-spattered madman that they began to call Iason of the Blood.

Eventually, Iason's psyche managed to knit itself back together somewhat. He sought refuge and freedom first in the church, and when priest and bishops could not help, he began to turn to his brother's realm: magic. He had no natural talent for it, but he had a motivation like none other, and he also had time-- the bond with Etrigan had made him immortal. Even death was no longer permanent for 'Jason Blood', as he came to be called.

Jason wandered the world, forever seeking out new occult knowledge, the spell or grimoire or charm that would grant him either freedom or mastery of his very literal inner demon. He never found it, but he did discover a spoken chant that could alter their positions-- Etrigan released to roam the world, and he himself caged. With the promise of temporary freedom, Etrigan can be bribed-- channeled, even, so that his mayhem and evil is forced to Jason's ends... sometimes.

Bargains aside, Jason and Etrigan exist in a symbiotic mutual hatred, forever struggling for dominance over each other. Jason has amassed an impressive knowledge of the occult, as well as a material fortune, but as long as he cannot control the demon he is not satisfied. For his part, Etrigan does all he can to make Jason's life hellish-- he has many times killed those Jason cared about, and has sporadically tampered with Jason's memories when it pleases him to do so.

In the present day (pre-Taxon), Jason lives in Gotham City, where he serves as occasional adviser to Batman (and other heroes) when supernatural threats arise. Their relationship is not 100% smooth, but there is a mutual respect, at least.

In Taxon, Jason is struggling greatly with his attempts to contain Etrigan when there are fewer threats and much closer quarters in play.

Who matters? Outside of Taxon, Jason has a somewhat-complicated relationship with Bruce wayne. As mentioned, there's mutual respect there, but also a good deal of tension: Bruce does not altogether approve of Jason operating on 'his turf', and makes his displeasure known; but Jason is one of those few souls in the DCU who doesn't find Batman particularly intimidating and, therefore, continues to live in Gotham City. (He was here before you, Bruce, don't get uppity.) Still, while they frequently argue, they are also staunch allies, and Jason... mostly... has Bruce's trust. Jason respects Bruce much more than he does most of the 'costumed do-gooders' who so often call upon him to unleash Etrigan.

Also outside of Taxon, the other important people in Jason's life would be Harry Matthews (a pillow), Randu Singh, Glenda Mark, and his and Glenda's daughter, Katherine, whom Jason has never seen. Harry is a former friend who was turned into a pillow by an archdemon of Hell after a screw-up that was pretty much Jason's fault-- being Jason's friend is dangerous-- and in Gotham, at least, Jason kept Harry around out of a sense of guilt, trying to reverse the curse but mostly just dealing with Harry's foul mouth and justifiable resentment. Randu Singh is a psychic who has often helped Jason in the past, but, perhaps cognizant of what tends to happen to Jason's friends, was going his own way. Glenda.... well, Glenda was a starry-eyed young woman when she met the dark-and-mysterious Jason Blood, and even when she learned of his curse was quite convinced that the power of love could conquer everything, even Hell.

She, uh, no longer thinks that. After she became pregnant as a result of Etrigan's machinations, Glenda broke it off with Jason and has cut him entirely out of her life, which didn't stop Etrigan from trying to get hold of the baby when she was born. Jason managed to foil Etrigan's plot but Glenda feels no better about Jason and his fucked-up world of demons. Jason likewise agrees that the safest thing for his daughter and ex-girlfriend is to stay well away from him, because that is what brooding tormented anti-heroes do, so he has not been in contact.... but that isn't to say he doesn't think about them.

IN TAXON, Jason is probably closest to Remus Lupin. He has great respect for the other man's magical abilities and has trusted him with the knowledge of how to summon/banish Etrigan. He is also attempting to find a cure or at least a help for Remus's condition.

Similarly, he has given Azkadellia the chant as well, but their relationship is slightly rockier due to Azkadellia being a young woman wrestling with many issues of her own and doubts about her magic. And also the alien's great amusement in tossing Jason and Azkadellia into compromising situations.

Aside from that his most significant interactions have probably been with Sherlock Holmes, since Sherlock is an incessant and irritating little pita who is far too perceptive and curious and needs to GTFO. Sadly, growling at Sherlock has yet to make him go away.

Jason struggles to avoid making friends, because THEY TEND TO GET TURNED INTO PILLOWS. But, you know, he's still human (nominally) and lonely and miserable, so, sometimes it happens anyway.

Personality & Psychology: CAN WE SAY FUCKED-UP

Well okay so there's brooding anti-heroism, and anger issues, and more angst than you can shake a stick at, and co-dependence issues with Etrigan, and guilt and anti-social-ness and selective morality and things.

BASICALLY, Jason is cosmically 'self-absorbed', except that his 'self' includes Etrigan; 90% of his energy and efforts goes towards dealing with Etrigan. In person, therefore, he comes off as brusque and terse to most people, and unconcerned with their problems. He has that charming arrogance of an immortal who figures you'll be dead in fifty years so why exactly should he get too invested, but that said, he does try and protect humanity from things that go bump in the night. Supernatural threats can therefore get his interest.

Jason is buttoned up tighter than a pair of 1980s Levis, and centuries of mental war with Etrigan have rendered him the sort of unsmiling, rigidly-controlled jackass that should probably be teased mercilessly, except that he might respond by cursing you.

Etrigan is a malicious, trolly, bratty demon prince of hell who does everything for his own amusement. He's arguably nutsoid. While he would be offended by the suggestion, he has honestly been affected by Jason too-- Etrigan is no longer as simply and mindlessly evil as he once was; he tends to regard humanity with wicked amusement and fascination for their little petty dramas. Humans are delightful soap opera, okay! That they scream delightfully is just a bonus.

Skills, Powers, Weaknesses, and et cetera: Jason is an accomplished demonologist and magician. He has an extremely broad theoretical knowledge of different systems of magic, and of various non-humans, and a pretty broad practical knowledge too. Aside from that, he has the breadth of experience that tends to come when you're 1500 years old and have been traveling the world for most of it. He's served as a soldier or officer in many armies, so he has a decent understanding of both individual combat and military strategy. He can ride a horse, swing a sword, make camp in the woods, use a navigational chart, blah blah blah. He speaks a number of languages, many of them dead. Really, Jason knows how to do far more things than would probably be useful to list here. Stupid immortals.

Things Jason is not so good with: very recent technology, cooking beyond the basics, dressing fashionably, making friends, keeping his friends alive.

Etrigan is a magician too, although where Jason is the sort to mutter ritualistic chants in a circle of blood at midnight, Etrigan is more the 'hurl bolts of raw arcane energy' type. He rarely has the patience for actual spell-casting, but all the same he is quite capable of it. Etrigan is ungodly strong, fast, vicious, and resistant to damage. When injured, he heals incredibly quickly, regenerating even from loss of limbs or being physically ripped apart. He can breathe and throw hellfire, which is much nastier than normal fire. He is at least somewhat telepathic and precognitive. He goes toe-to-toe with DC powerhouses like Superman and Wonder Woman.

Technically, neither Jason nor Etrigan can be (permanently) killed. If slain, Jason comes back within a new moon's rising (Etrigan is free on the earth during this period), and Etrigan is a demon-- destroying his corporeal body does not actually kill him, but it definitely slows him down and he would also need to 'respawn' in Hell or similar. The amount of damage needed to actually destroy Etrigan's body would be phenomenal, though.


In all seriousness, Jason is very leery of relationships after the way his last one (and most other ones) have historically ended. As far as consequence-free sex goes, he, uh, prefers to do that sort of thing with summoned succubi, honestly. It lets him get out some darker urges without feeling at all guilty about it. No, there's no dysfunctions here at all.

Orientation-wise, Jason prefers women, but that's not to say he's locked-in-stone on that. Your modern conceptions of 'orientations' are charming.

Etrigan.... uh, let's just not even go there, k? He seems to like to kiss everyone, though. Everyone. Wonder Woman, Batman, Glenda, Jason...

Best way to meet this character: Jason is a very anti-social character. He spends a lot of time in self-imposed lock-up in his house; at other times he is 'working' at Tamper & Trick. If you want to get some CR going with Jason, PM or e-mail me and we'll toss around some possible ways they can meet.


THE MIND: Jason is resistant to having his mind read, and if you DO read his mind, you're likely to get a headful of Etrigan, which is not a pleasant experience for most entities. IC, Jason will warn anyone he knows to be telepathic to stay the hell away from his brain. Definitely talk it over with me OOCly if you want mental contact to happen. Same goes for Etrigan, albeit even more so.

THE BODY: I am cool with physical harm! If you want stuff to happen, let's talk OOCly.

FUNKY STUFF: Characters can psychically know stuff about Jason or Ettie, but check with me OOC that you're getting the right stuff since my Jason and Etrigan are an amalgation of about four contradicting versions of 'canon'.

PRIVACY: Threadhopping is gravy, unlocked posts are gravy, locked posts talk to me, usually he will not hide his position on the map. Exceptions will be made clear.

SURPRISE!: Run it by me if you want a character to sneak up on Jason. He can sense auras and things, and Etrigan is something of a DEWie when Etrigan wants to be.



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