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This are excerpted pages from three issues of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing. I scanned in the pages with Jason and/or Ettie, at least if they had fun dialogue. If you want the whole story (and it's a good creepy one), it's collected in the first Saga of the Swamp Thing TPB.

So, first off, Jason comes to town, waggles those really quite impressive and ungroomed flaring eyebrows and creeps out an insulation salesman:

page 1

Then Jason creeps out an occult shopkeeper and a priest:

page 2

Then Jason creeps out a guy at an estate auction (are we sensing a theme yet):

page 3

No actual Jason in this page but he gets referred to as a psycho boyfriend:

page 4

I love Alan Moore's way with words.

page 5

Again no Jason, but we have to follow the estate-auction couple for Reasons. And hey it's Insulation Guy again!

page 6

And here would be the aforementioned Reasons.

page 7

Trivia: panel #2 is, I believe, the first 'appearance' of John Constantine if I recall correctly. The Sting lookalike. Moore said in an interview that he was toying with the character at that time. Anyway, Jason gets to creep out Abigail Arcane (aka, Mrs. Cable).

page 8

Some stuff happens between scenes then we flash back to the rest of Abby's meeting with Jason Jason continues to be a creep and a verbal bitch-slapper:

page 9

page 10

Some more stuff happens in other scenes. Basically Abby works at an orphanage for special needs children and one of the kids is the unwilling master of this nasty fear-demon who is coming out of the woodwork and terrorizing everything. Which is why Jason is here at all. And -- OH SHIT, SHIT JUST GOT REAL!


Etrigan makes Observations. In perfect iambic pent.

feast, jack-an-ape

...of etrigan

More Etrigan observations. I didn't scan in the page after this, even though it's lovely, but it's a two page splash and there was no way to get the art to look decent when scanning. But it's a big glorious shot of Etrigan gettin' violent and completing the rhyme started here with "...BY DEMONS DRIVEN!"

By Demons Driven

Skipping ahead several pages of fight scenes. They're good but I was tired of scanning. Basically Etrigan fights Kamara (the fear-demon, aka the Monkey King); Swamp Thing fights Kamara; Etrigan fights Swamp Thing, round and round we go. The humans run, especially Abby and the orphan, Paul, who is at the center of all of this. Paul has a (very understandable, in story) fixation with spelling things correctly.


Ettie's a creeper

Swamp Thing lays smackdown

Skipping a few more pages of fight scenes. Basically Paul decides he's tired of being terrorized by the fear-demon and starts telling it he is not afraid of it, which causes it to shrink down into a tiny little thing. ...and then Ettie eats it.


Time for Ettie to creep out Abby.

almost done guys

Abigail chases after Etrigan, and finds...

You and that demon... you're the same person...

Sometimes, they even tell the truth.

These last two pages always hit me in the writing feels. In two pages Moore manages to show us more of Jason's bitterness and personality than some writers can manage in a whole series. Just. Fantastic. THE END.


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