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CHARACTER NAME: Jason Blood (and the demon Etrigan)

DISPLAY NAME: Jason Blood (may change if Etrigan is out)

CANON: DC Comics, multiple titles

CANON POINT: After the conclusion of the third Demon series, before Demon Within, which means nothing to anybody but me

AGE: appears in his mid 40s, around 1500

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Jason appears as a tall, more-or-less fit early-middle-aged man-- a six-foot-tall fellow who might have done sports when younger, and might still be on the company baseball team or the like. The most immediately noticeable thing about him is his ridiculous unusual hair-- he’s a natural redhead, but it comes with a white skunk stripe. (He has already heard every comment you can possibly make about his hair.)

Beyond this, Jason has pale blue eyes and the naturally fair skin to go with the red hair, and an undramatic wardrobe filled with conservative colors and styles. He also has a lot of OCCULT!! tattoos and scarification, but as these are nearly always covered up, they won’t be getting much screen time.

Jason carries himself with a fair amount of physical tension and controlled movements; he is a man dearly in need of a week at a massage spa. His hands frequently have minor cuts or burns.

(Etrigan) Etrigan looks distinctly inhuman [Link to a picture here]; a five-foot-something bundle of animalistic muscle clad in garish, tattered, quasi-medieval clothing in primary colors. He has yellow skin and burning eyes, and his face kind of looks like a bat and a pig and a monkey and a shark had an orgy. He stinks of metal and blood; he radiates heat like an open furnace; and his bruise-colored skin has the rasp of granite should you be unlucky enough to touch it.

HISTORY: Jason’s story starts in Camelot (though Etrigan’s starts some time prior). The son of a British wizard of myth named Blaise, “Iason” was continually upstaged by his foster brother, the much-more-well-known wizard of myth Merlin… or at least, the boy who would become Merlin. Iason himself had little gift for magic and chose to enter knighthood instead, becoming a perfectly respectable representative specimen of an Arthurian dude-bro-- fond of his wine and women alike. He was so fond of women that he wound up in an adulterous relationship with Morgan le Fey-- who tricked him into betraying his king and endangering Camelot itself. Arthur branded him a traitor, struck him of land and title, and rode off to his fate at Camlann.

A stricken Iason desperately sought out Merlin, and pleaded for a chance to set things right in some fashion. Merlin (not the least pleased at Iason’s role in overturning all of Merlin’s careful king-making and kingdom-building work) said “fine”... and imprisoned the demon Etrigan inside the former knight.

Etrigan himself was Merlin’s half-brother, as Merlin was born of a nun and a devil. Bound to Merlin’s will, Etrigan had slaved for the wizard, but now found himself within a fleshy prison. Neither Etrigan nor Iason took well to this new arrangement-- Iason committed numerous acts of slaughter at the demon’s enraged bidding, and soon the countryfolk began to whisper of a gore-spattered madman they called “Iason of the Blood.”

In time, Iason’s psyche recovered… somewhat, only for him to realize the horror of his new existence as a demon’s jailer. It was a horror that offered no surcease in death, either-- he learned that he no longer aged. Desperately, Iason turned to the magic that he had never learned as a boy, trying to figure out some way to be rid of the beast within.

That was fifteen hundred years ago. A lot has happened since then. Jason has amassed, and lost, material fortunes; learned and forgotten languages; sailed as a merchant one decade and a pirate the next; plundered lost tombs and forgotten temples and waged war against a thousand things that go bump in the night. But he has never rid himself of Etrigan… nor Etrigan of him.

PERSONALITY: “Warning, contents under pressure, do not poke with sticks.”

Jason is a man constantly at war with a literal inner demon. He is not a happy fellow; he spends much of his energy trying to resist Etrigan’s various whims and bullying. He is not always successful at that. Psychologically speaking, the ongoing effects of horror, trauma, guilt, and struggle for far longer than a human mind is meant to endure these things have done nothing very good for Jason’s mental state… but he’s still here, and pretty functional, which bespeaks a stubbornness that has been forged and reforged many times over. Jason cannot claim to be a good man, but he is motivated each day by the grim determination to do his best not to be a bad one… even if only for that day.

In person Jason tends to be brusque and aloof, discouraging personal friendships or attachments when possible. This is somewhat sabotaged by his own deep loneliness-- it’s a miserable thing, to live forever with a mocking demon for company-- and inevitably the walls will start to crumble once he’s known someone long enough. (Damn that weak inner humanity.) This usually ends poorly, in some fashion or another, and the cycle begins again.

On his best days, Jason can be funny in a dry British humo(u)r sort of way, and even downright helpful. But usually he comes across as a repressed stack of doom and gloom.

Etrigan, meanwhile, is the fire to Jason’s stodgy mud. Etrigan is a creature of extremes and wild-and-savage pleasures: the joys of violence and cruelty, whimsy and malice. He is evil, and he is chaotic. Long exposure to Jason has warped him somewhat, in that he takes a fascinated interest in the dealings and doings of humans, and at times his caprice can manifest in a harmless and even funny fashion... but one should always remember that the devil is the devil, and a liar to boot.

Both Etrigan and Jason would do nearly anything to see their hated other half destroyed forever-- and yet, after such a long time together, there is more than a little codependence going on as well.

ABILITIES: Jason was at one point a knight, and has served as a soldier of some sort in more wars than it would be meaningful to list here. He has a perfectly solid command of things like guns and swords and fisticuffs. He’s also fifteen hundred years old, and he has learned a lot of shit in that time-- both useful mundane skills like wilderness survival, and useful otherworldly skills like demon binding, exorcisms, and the like. He is a reasonably skilled ritual magician and has the ability to perceive magical auras. However, when the shit really hits the fan, he inevitably summons….

...Etrigan, who is his own ball of laughs. Etrigan is a powerful demon with a host of supernatural abilities that make him a pain in the ass: strength, effective invulnerability to mundane attacks, the ability to generate devastating hellfire, and some apparent level of precognitive ability (which he sometimes deigns to share with Jason).

The two are functionally immortal in the sense of ‘nothing’s managed to permanently kill them off yet.’

POSSESSIONS: Harry Matthews. He is a pillow. He talks.

ANYTHING ELSE: What is going on with this haggis, anyway.


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